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About Us

Quantalytix is a software platform that provides comprehensive risk analytics and balance sheet management for mortgage lenders. We deliver seamless, agile, analytics that give our customers an unfair advantage over the competition.

We love data and analytics and we want to bring advanced analytics to everyone. We believe that data and analytics are useless if actionable decisions cannot be made from it. Therefore, we are on a mission to simplify and visualize key performance and risk metrics to help make your organization more profitable.



Our platform provides greater access, more precise metrics, and intelligent data construction allowing decision makers to execute with unparalleled efficiency.


We don't constrain users to what we think is important, our platform tailors itself around what users find most valuable.


Quantalytix provides uncompromising responsiveness and support in an industry that demands nothing less.

Products & Services

For the first time, we are combining big data, machine learning, and highly advanced analytics and making it available to all. Quantalytix is a web and desktop based framework that provides comprehensive risk analytics and balance sheet management tools for lenders of all sizes.

Our goals are simple: we want to make your life easier and your company more profitable. Gaining insights needed to make important strategic decisions should not be difficult.

Currently we offer the following:

  • Cutting edge analytics, including machine learning (AI) algorithms that help forecast prepayment and delinquency rates. We're bringing AI to the table, and it's smart.
  • Real-time pipeline tracking, hedging, and sales analytics. Our system directly connects with your origination systems to allow for instantaneous performance, sales, and risk monitoring.
  • Ridiculously fast data made accessible through familiar tools like Excel, Qlik, and Tableau.
  • Gorgeous, intuitive dashboards for key strategic management and key performance indicator (KPI) tracking.
  • Loan valuation, cash flow modeling and forecasting. Mortgage servicing (MSR) hedging, valuation and modeling.
  • Simplified access to market data including GNMA loan level data!

Trusted by smart businesses

See how others are using Quantalytix data services to make better decisions. Here are just a few of our featured customers and use cases.

Historical GNMA analysis
at an amazing speed

Bill Chudy from Parkside Lending uses Quantalytix's data services to show why the 43% DTI cutoff for Qualified Mortgages actually hurts consumers.

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