Historical GNMA Performance and New Issue Data
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High performance, robust, dataset to helpanswer your sales and modeling needs.


Big data can be difficult to manage. Not only is it time consuming to do but it can also leave users at loss of how to interpret it once complete. Quantalytix has taken the work out of this process by visualizing the narrative behind the data.

Users will gain clarity and insight by seeing the market and their company through a whole new lens. See viewpoints ranging from percentage of market share, top originators, delinquencies by FICO, and many more.

Our dashboards can be easily accessed through the web or directly from Excel. If there is a view you would like, simply let us know!

Billions of Data Points

With over a billion unique data points, Quantalytix has allowed users to seamlessly access each and every one with ease and agility. Users can manipulate and interpret every Ginnie Mae loan within a few clicks.

No longer will you need a full-blown database environment just to get ahold of data! Forget the archaic flat files, the large disk space needs, poor performance, and IT consulting fees. We've done the heavy lifting for you.

Built-In Analytics

Get ahead of borrower behavior, so your bottom line doesn’t fall behind!

With our data service not only do you get sanitized data published by Ginnie Mae but you also get additional pre-computed fields to help with your analysis.

These fields can be used to forecast delinquency rates, perform analysis on industry peers, and compare pools and issuers, allowing you to understand how borrower behavior can impact your company.

No Installation Required

Our data services can be accessed over the web or through popular tools like Excel, PowerPivot, Tableau, and Qlik without any need for additional software!

With this capability, our data fits right in with the tools you are already familiar with — allowing you to work on the things that matter.

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